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Liquidity pool 6% 


Private sale 6% 


Staking rewards 88%


 white paper 2.0 

The Vulture Dinghy Club is a nasty collection from over 8,988 (8,888 + 100 Exclusives) amazeballs NFT’s generated from over 350 individually hand drawn blocks on Moonboxes. Firing up with a starter pack of 100 TVDC rebels: La Junta #100!


Tickled by many too easy projects passing by The Vulture Dinghy Club tried to put some more into it. Really: What would you do? Because we all want to be a Yacht member and most end up at desert islands. And we all will be waiting to pick up those crypto leftovers…


We start off with an exclusive pack of 100 NFT's:

La Junta


  1. Patron [#1]

  2. Capitan [#3]

  3. Transporter [#18]

  4. Dealer [3 x #25]

  5. Addict [#3]

The launch of the NFT’s will occur on Moonboxes.


  • Build community

  • Reward early backers: La Junta #100 NFT's have higher rarity values
    - Staking Rewards
    - Revenue Sharing

  • Launch La Junta #100

  • Close La Junta #100 sale.
    Launch Vulture Token

    LP 30% of sales.
    Holders: 0.06 % of the supply for each Vulture NFT
    Whales that buy more than 3 NFT's will be vested for 4 months with a cliff period of 1 month

  • Launch The Vulture Dinghy Club on all chains: 
    BSC | Moonriver | Matic | ETH (will follow soon)

Revenue sharing and Staking rewards depend on rarity level of the NFT.

$VLTR Holder Perks


Voting/Governance Privileges

Decide on the direction of the project

Revenue Sharing in Vulture NFT sales

Revenue from NFT collection sales are reflected 

to Vulture Holders proportionally

Reflections from $VLTR transactions made

5% of each transaction is reflected back to holders on the network




Vulture NFT Holder Perks


Rewards in $VLTR tokens for every NFT staked

The rarity level of the NFT impacts the stalking reward

The rarity level of the NFT impacts the revenue share



$VLTR Tokenomics


Token Name: Vultures

Token Symbol: VLTRS

Contract Address: 0xe4546c49262bb133dd7681cb3104475cac8c9011


$VLTR is a deflationary, frictionless yield and liquidity generation protocol. 

It has a 10% fee on every transfer:


•    5% is reflected back to all holders

•    4% is added to liquidity

•    1% is added to the Vultures Marketing Fund


The LP tokens the contract generates will be locked frequently for 1 year 

as they become available in the Deployer.


$VLTR Token Allocation



**: Staking Rewards will be locked into the NFT smart contract once deployed.


NFT Staking


You can earn $VLTRS tokens by staking Vulture NFTs. You can stake multiple NFTs and you can stake NFTs with a higher rarity score for a better interest rate.







Token Contract:

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